Britney Spears and Tinashe go way back — but don’t think that means the pop goddess actually knows who the rising star is!

The hip-hop newcomer has been joining Brit in concert to perform their hot collab Slumber Party, and the music icon couldn’t be more thankful.

But even after putting their hands on each other in the song’s steamy music video, the Work, B*tch singer STILL doesn’t know the 32-year-old’s name!

During her concert over the weekend, Britney severely mispronounced Tinashe’s name at the end of their performance — and the flub did NOT go unnoticed on Twitter!

After slaying Slumber Party, Brit wrapped her hands around Tinashe and excitedly shouted to the audience:

"Everyone give it up for Tinasha!!!"

Fans reacted to the flub the only way we’d expect — by telling Tinashe she now needs to change her name because Britney is never wrong.

See the clip and the most hilarious reactions (below)!!!

— ️ (@britneyscheetos) December 4, 2016

I’m sorry @Tinashe but your name is Tinasha from now on, Britney is never wrong 💀
— Tinasha stan (@ShayBSpears) December 4, 2016

If Britney Spears mispronounced my name like she did with "Kee-sha" or "Tinasha", I’d legally change my name to how the queen pronounced it.
— Britney for #PCAs (@Starbucksney) December 5, 2016

I’m screaming. The one time Britney has her mic on she calls Tinashe "Tinasha"… she don’t even know her name
— ♑️ (@dannyyonce) December 5, 2016

Me: its pronounced tee-nah-shay


Britney: "Everyone give it up for TINASHA!"
— Crooke Valentine. (@infamousRIOT) December 5, 2016

Britney & Tinashe been through so much together & she go & pronounce Queen’s name wrong. 😂😩
— Drake 🎤 (@tinashedream) December 4, 2016

We still love you, Tinasha!!!